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Homepage for SHS Media Center Resources.

Media Center Passes

Media Center Study Passes

The media center is open most periods for study hall passes.  Students may come to the media center from their study, to collaborate with others, read, use the computers, study, or explore other resources in the media center.

Fill out an online pass here: bit.ly/shsmediapass

You can find directions and more information here. 

Students will no longer receive an email for an online pass. Teachers will have a list of students with a pass (click here for the list, and here for the directions). 

Teacher name is required. Your pass will be revoked if you do not include your directed study teacher name.

If there are no online passes available for your period, there may be paper passes available in the media center. 

If you need media center resources, and there are no online passes available, please see Mrs. Bredberg. 


Who needs a pass? 

  • Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors who plan to be in the media center during a directed study.

  • Seniors with a study during lunch.

  • Passes are only valid for students in directed study.

Who does NOT need a pass?

  • Seniors in common study do not need a pass. (Except for during lunch periods).

  • Students coming to the media center from class for a quick checkout or to print, need a pass from their teacher, not a media center study pass. 


Media Center Pass Expectations:

  • The pass must be completed by the student requesting a pass.  You may not fill out the form for another student. 

  • Students with a media center pass are expected to be in the media center for their entire study period. 

  • You will be in the media center within 10 minutes of the start of the period, and are expected to remain in the media center. 

  • If you are late, you must come with a pass from a teacher.

  • Sign in with your complete first and last name and grade when you come to the media center.

  • If you get a pass, but do not come to the media center, this is considered skipping and will be handled accordingly.

  • ​Please follow all media center rules and expectations.